yeah nice a symmetry tool that doesn’t cut the mesh!.. but can you add options like choose axis to symetrize and maybe something else?

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There is axis image

But I found that blender already has such a function, haha.


hey what about an enhanced symmetrize tool (the vanilla one) but with custom orientation and pivot point (cursor, active selection) but inside of edit mode of course…

I would spend some time for unbevel improvements. And mirror UVs.


i think you can check it in this addon, the bevel code how is done…its does unbevel fencing bevels (bevels with 1.000 of profile and 2 segments) just as i told you to add months ago

edit: sorry is this addon keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Intrestingly I find Mira’s unbevel working quite better than KeKits.

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Super Grouper doesn’t work in 2.9 I assume? (at least I’m not being able to find it in N panel)

Yes, it doesn’t. Only for 2.7.

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Is there any way to temporarily adjust the dot size while I use curve stretch because it’s kind of hard to be selected when I use the Cstrech.
Any help will be grateful!
Have a good day!

That’s in a TODO list.


Hi all!
I did some nice addons for sculpting recently. Check them out:


Nice application example, thank you)


Bspheres has an update. BSpheres Addon - #34 by mifth


Hi artists.
Some settings for 4K lovers in the repo.


hello also please can we have global axis constraints (and please also with custom orientation option) for the points, because they move out of place (unwanted) when working with symmetric models specially or when working in a flat surface, so it needs constraints (like the when you press G and then shift+X/Y/Z) to 1, 2 or 3 axis at the same time…

Thanks. All I can say. Someday. I’m busy with commercial addons at the moment. There will be new procedural modeling soon. Black Mesh.


black mesh? what is it, now i am intrigued to know lmao…

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First version will appear in about a month. Stay tuned. )


hi, so i have a little problem with the addon. blender 2.9 doesn’t seem to want to install it.
in the lil scripting thing, it tells me it is installed, but doesn’t show up automatically as new addon to activate, nor can i find it when trying to search for it in the addons tab by way of search bar.

thanks in advance.