(mifth) #1

MiraTools - modern modeling and retopology tools.
This addon is dedicated to my daughter. I love you Mira!


  • DrawExtrude
  • Noise
  • Deformer (see screenshot below for shortcuts)
  • LinearDeformer
  • CurveStretch
  • CurveGuide
  • CurveSurfaces
  • PolyTool
  • Arc
  • UV Wrap (Object Mode)
  • Primitives (Shift+A)
  • Simple Extrude

You can get the tools here from my Github repository:



Some Resources to help to get in

You can donate if you like the tools:


  • Download zip archive
  • Unzip
  • Copy ‚Äúmira_tools‚ÄĚ folder into your addons

Test Videos:

Video explanation of retopo in French by Pitiwazou:

Thanks to Pierre Bezier for curves math and all Donators of the project.

It is finally here... EDGE FLOW (SET FLOW) for Blender ! (Benjamin Saunder)
Does Blender have this feature of 3DS MAX for modeling?
How Do I "Vertex Parent"
How to make the edge flow curve more evenly (Pic Attached)
(raziel_henzo) #2

thanks for the script
very very cool job

(comeinandburn) #3

wow, this is awesome! thanks for sharing this:)

(joseph raccoon) #4

I like, And I hope to see more!!

(tungee) #5

Booah, what a bomb!
Thanky xtimes mifth!

(1D_Inc) #6

That is really awesome!
I really love this stuff, and way, that it goes!

(chloesdad) #7

How do I install in version 2.73?

(mifth) #8

Thank you guys for your kind words. i‚Äėve been working hard to make modern professional tools.

(chloesdad) #9

Oops! I didn’t see installation instructions, duh.

(mifth) #10

Please, use 2.74.
2.73 has some bugs.
I added installation at the first post. just copy the folder into your addons and enable it.

(RealityFox) #11

These are looking really good, I’ll have to try these out once I start getting the time for personal work again.

Some suggestions for future tools:

The new Zbrush r7 modeller has some fantastic ideas that could be used. Also the curve tube brush in Zbrush is similar to the draw extrude you have, it just creates a default extrusion without having to set up a shape first. May also be a neat option to have so one can just draw basic cables without much hassle.

Modo has some really interesting ways to do mass edits to a mesh. Also a program to look at for inspiration for sure.

Anyway, your stuff is really cool and I’m looking forward to seeing the other stuff your working on! Mira is a lovely name btw :3

(mifth) #12

Thanks. My reference soft is Max, Modo, Lightwave. Some tools will be merget from there.
i’ll look into zbrush.

(tungee) #13

What does the draw curve tool do?

(mifth) #14

It’s still in WIP. It will have many possibilities and usecases. Right now i plan to remake bsurfaces and gstretch tools. To make them fast and interactive.
@1D_Inc sponsored this development. Big thanks to him.

(tungee) #15

cnocubo! Ochen harascho!

(mifth) #16

Hehe! :smiley:
Thank you too. I hope in 2 weeks there will be the curve tool.

(cekuhnen) #17

Just donated to your cause :wink: Fantastic Add-on!

(Craig Jones) #18

Very nice, I will try this out :smiley:

(mifth) #19

Thank you a lot! I appreciate it!
I hope to make something new and cool soon.

(mifth) #20

Do great models! :slight_smile: