How to make the edge flow curve more evenly (Pic Attached)

Hi guys,

I have been modelig a Robot mecha design to brush up my modeling skill but I do not seem to get it right since it does not curve evenly and naturally. The flow seems so distorted. Is it normal? How do I make the edge loop curve in a more even and natural way?


Try using a bezier curve as a guide and then put your vertices accordingly. Or just convert the curve to mesh and join it.
Or use the loop tool addon and try the relax function, can work wonders.
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You can do that with MiraTools. It’s a multi tool addon, the one you’re looking for is CurveStretch

You want this set flow add-on It is finally here... EDGE FLOW (SET FLOW) for Blender ! (Benjamin Saunder)

Also, loop tools (already comes with blender) will space them in a linear way, taking the first and last point and placing the rest equidistant

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Very useful tool! Thank you!

I used “setflow” and then made the curve with MiraTools as suggested by Mr 0rAngE! Thank you for the advice!

P.s. Is it normal to say “set flow” makes the curve flat? Since the Gif shows that the beginning part of the mesh becomes concave after “set flow” happens.

For anyone viewing this, my final solution has three steps.

The first one is to use the “set flow” suggested by user “bloox64”. You can see the effect provided by the above gif.

The second step is to use the miratool “curvestretch” suggested by user “0rAngE”. You can also refer to the gif provided above.

The final step is to do the fine-tuning by pulling the vertices by the “Normal” transformation orientation.

Thank you guys!

I’m glad it helped you, not sure how it looks almost plane, maybe try adjusting the settings in the F6 panel (Which is the same as the lower part of the T panel) Probably the “min angle”, try adjusting the “tension” parameter as well but that one should be set to 180 like 99% of the time though