My thought so far after switching from 3ds max

I’m glad I could be of some help, it is awesome you’re giving back to the community, too! Thank you.

You are welcome my friend and you seem to have the community spirit at heart, i can feel the force is strong in you!

OK after 3 hr i finally found how and here a gif to help others :

Going to sleep a whole lot better knowing that all my splines work done in max over the years will still be editable in Blender!


I agree with the curves, in a video from Bonesstudio that talks about blender for architecture, he mentioned this branch of imporved curves, it never got merged but they were on the process of implementing better curves.

You can download a build in GraphicAll, I think this one is the correct one for windows, you can search other interesting branchs of delelopment as well.

Hey bloox thank for the link and tips and have a happy holidays.
I didn’t look often here recently since i have a severe tendonitis of the wrist.

Update; 7/14/2019

Hi guy’s this is my latest update about how my transition from 3ds max to blender is going.

First i am pretty happy with the efficient selection method i learn from other users and i made a small gif tutorial for those who want to have box selection capability in all transform mode aka;move,rotate,scale and the ability to do additive and substractive selection.

Now regarding the 3ds max noise modifier you all know how this modifier was our bread&butter tool for so many modeling task then rejoice since an addon made something even better with more options.

The addon name is Mira tools and the tool that is very similar to max noise modifier is call NoiseDeform, here the link to the addon and blender thread;

Here a video showing it in action ;

Another amazing finding was a developer who continue the work start by Ozzkar the former developer of bmax that brought many tools we got so use to over the years like align, mirror,clone etc and now Nasser is pushing it even further with his addon call Bsmax and so far he brought almost all the standard primitives with parameter and floating windows and you can draw them just like in max, curve,quad menu, line tool, FFD quick setup,edit pivots etc, the list is too long but you can go on his website to see all the current features implemented and the to do list ;

And here is the link to the latest version of Bsmax ;

Not everything goes smoothly in my transition and my first serious annoyance was when i tried to bake displacement from geometry to low poly plane since blender 2.8 simply doesn’t have any way of doing it so i had to get back to blender 2.79 and unfortunately the displacement baking with blender internal renderer give unreliable results even if you follow tutorial on blender stack exchange.

So my advice for you guy’s is to stick with XNormal until blender 2.8 get something that work.

Overall my experience is still very positive and the amount of tool coming up for 2.8 is simply astonishing and we only have RC yesterday so the future look bright but there is still annoyance like having to use a few different versions of blender to get the tool you need or sometime the addon you need only work on older blender version but it is manageable if you have a well establish pipeline.

Another serious annoyance that could stop a lot of ex 3d maxer’s is the very poor viewport performance specially in edit mode, my advice for the moment is to use blender 2.79 for heavy scene or mesh since 2.8 is not yet optimize.

I am going to continue to update that thread until my transition is complete to help other ex 3d maxer’s.

Congratulation to the whole blender team for making 2.8 possible!

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Any chance of another link to your theme. Google wants me to send a request to you for access.

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Hi John look at the first post i upload the xml file!

Thanks for that.

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You are welcome and thank for appreciation of the theme!

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Update 07/19/2019

I made a gif tutorial to bake a decent displacement map in 2.79

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I’m a little late to this particular thread but hey I just finished the video 12 days ago:

I created this for a friend that came FROM 3ds max and wanted to start from 2.79b instead of waiting for the 2.8 full release.

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Update 08/17/2019

Well when they say the fun is back in 3D on the Blender website then let me tell you they are right on!

I am really enjoying working in 3D again and the last time i had so much fun working was when 3ds max was in Montreal under Discreet logic dynamic development team.(The good old days yeah)

I discover so much new addons the past month that i can barely keep up to date with every new tools talented developers put out there, it’s simply amazing the traction Blender is gaining day after day.

For those who remember how handy was the FFD 2x2x2 ,3x3x3, 4x4x4 modifiers in Max then rejoice Bsmax brought them to you for free no more counter productive lattice worklow, only one step and bingo you are ready to deform any object and the beauty is that it is also working in edit mode!

I am not going to hide the fact that when i heard that 3ds max was reduce to 250$ for a year for indie, i almost fall for it but after a second thought i said to myself that i was not going to lose all the knowledge i have painfully gain after a few month in Blender just to find my self trap in another price hike later on.

Since they are pretty clear that it is only a temporary offer and it’s only one seat so if you want to hire other artists it is going to cost you 2000$ each. With Blender i can hire anyone who know Blender without any licensing hassle.

So for me now the choice is crystal clear i am a Blender addict and i discover a few thing that blew my mind since in max these kind of thing would have take me a lot longer to do.

Currently i am working part time on a very exciting project just for learning purpose since 90% of my time is spent on my game project, i will make a thread in the work in progress section when i am ready and i will look for collaborators to make this cool little project faster. More to come…

I am currently heavily learning the in and out of rendering in Eevee and Cycle but since i was already experience in other rendering engine i find it pretty easy and intuitive to learn so far.

A new developer also surprise me this month with the release of his free addon that brought Blender closer to the powerful spline tool in max it’s call Flexi Draw Bezier Tool and Flexi Bezier Tool and here the thread ; Flexi Bezier Tool

OH i almost forgot the big news, i am starting a new Blender channel call BlenderNut where i will put a special section to help 3ds max folks to make an easier transition.

I will focus on short videos showing how to do the same thing in Blender so anyone will be able to quickly start working and it will be neatly organise like the modeling section, the sculpting section, the UV etc. I will also make a few videos covering reflection probes and a few tricks i develop while working in Blender.

I will do my best to keep thing short and straight to the point with no annoying music, keep in mind that since i have a game in development i am not going to prioritize the BlenderNut channel.

So i wish everybody a nice weekend and enjoy what’s left of Summer!


Great to see max users on the forum, specially people as active as you, I will share my experience since I also have used max and probably will have to in class… I also have something to ask in the last paragraph for all of max users in this thread…

I’ve been doing 3D for something like 3 years and I learned blender and max hand by hand. I started using blender first and didn’t learn that much, but a year later I was taught Max at uni (I study graphic design, so we don’t just do 3D) then I learned both hand by hand so I think I can be pretty objetive about both, and I also saw how things were on blender before the 2.8 boom.

At first blender less click all over the place but then there were a few things that were the other way in max, but very few (The modifier list addon that was created not so long ago changed it and there’s only very few and crucial things I miss)

For example better snapping but there’s the NP Station point move addon for now
Other things like the gif below still require some workarounds (TinyCad addon would help solve it)

The most important thing I’m missing right now is mesh smooth in edit mode and subdivision with smothing groups (Or as in blender, sharp edges, after all that’s what SG drive in max and I find way more intuitive using edges for that.

One of the things that bothers me the most in blender compared to max is sharp edges smoothing. It should be quite simple in python to do, but Idk if anyone could have created an addon for it, and probably some of you here might have found the solution.

I haven’t seen any addon doing this afaik, but here’s the thing: sharp edges are sharp depending if they’re set as sharp explicitly, but also because of the autosmooth angle option. So the addon should get both, either because they’re marked as sharp or if they’re not accesible, get added by specifing an angle, and automatically mark the edges that are shaded sharp and set them to 1 in the Edge crease option, that way when subdividing we would still have a sharp subdivided object.

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Hi Bloox nice to see you around, i am also missing a few thing but there is so much thing i can now do faster that i wont complain about it but i get your point with smooth groups since they were handy because you can assign them to number.

Also saving selection was a nice feature in max and i know we can save vertex group in Blender but it’s not as convenient as in max and i heard that it was not working correctly in some case.

Regarding snapping i heard there is going to be some major work on this for 2.81.

I really love Eevee even if it is not perfect it’s still a big milestone for Blender rendering and i can see a lot of game developer using it for this feature along.

I have a smile on my face each time i launch Blender since it’s blazing fast to open!

When the viewport performance in Edit mode get to be better and they implement everything node blender will become a beast. Add to this the Pablo Dobaro sculpting master plan and you have a great recipe for success!

The UV need some serious love too but for this my back is cover with Rizom and the Blender bridge and i know it will take quite a long time before they upgrade the UV tools in my own personal opinion.

I love the node system and the possibilities are endless.

Have a great weekend my friend!

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Hi guy’s

I just upgrade my Equilibrium theme for those who would like to have it for 2.8 and i did a few new adjustment to make everything easier on the eyes and to bring less confusion in a cluttered viewport.

Look in first post i have updated the file.

A few screen ;

Hope you like it!

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A little update 9/24/2019

Well the more you use Blender the more addictive it become, it grows on you and you always want more of it.

I really got into the texture side of blender and the Eevee renderer and all i can say is that i am really impress with it and i mean a lot!

I also venture in the smoke and explosion and i am very surprised at the quality of the FX and it surpass my expectation.

I was also annoy by the Blender numeric field input since they are way too fast even when holding the shift key but i found a workaround simply by working in cm instead of Blender default unit meter.

I also made a few shader i will share with the community as soon i finish them, this include an ocean shader with foam + underwater with light shaft coming from waves.

I also notice that an object with the shrinkwrap modifier applied will yield a wrong boolean operation since the vertices will remain flat on the object.

I also delve deeper in the Blender UV tools and they desperately need better way to fix stretching since some object will never get unwrap correctly whatever tools you try in Blender and the menu option call minimize stretch is not very good at all. I miss the max relax tool and the pelt and peel features…

I was also surprised about the Blender texture painting capabilities since there are many nice tools to speed up work without having to get in the painful export/import circus. I really like painting mask without leaving the software and the many capabilities of the brush and tools. Max canvas look like a joke compare to this.

Another feature i found badly implemented in blender is the proportional editing with that annoying circle that is kind of bugged and often is so big that you have to zoom out like crazy until you see it and then zoom in while adjusting it with another finger acrobatic! This should have colored vertices with a falloff to indicate area of influence similar to the one in max.

Another annoyance i discover is that many(I really mean many) numeric field in blender don’t reset to default value even if you click on that exact command in the right click menu so you have to start from scratch or to write down default values.

And the last annoyance is about the partial support of the space navigator(3d mouse) since if you go under your model axis get reverted making it impossible to work correctly. I post on blender developer forum the code that is suppose to work to fix it so maybe they will have a look at it eventually.

Last annoyance is that i cannot save my preferences anymore and Blender open on the wrong monitor so i don’t know how to fix this one so far, i tried repair with the blender installer and it’s still broken.


The fast numeric input is being fixed in 2.81 I think now you can use shift and drag and it will go in smaller increment
There is also another one coming in 2.81 I think for defaults value in DNA so that resetting work as expected.


Well that is some great news then thank for sharing!

Have you tried the Tex tools addon? It has many nice feature which are currently missing in blender for baking and UVs.