keKit for Blender (2.8+)

Hey Kjell,

An idea regarding improving Frame All or Selected. I think adding Frame Camera Bounds (view3d.view_center_camera) into the tool would be right.

Currently these 2 commands work fine with the same hotkey. So nothing urgent , just polishing the tool. Along with mentioned previously shader and other editors.

hey. hmm. The expected scenario for two selected edges right now are two parallel edges - it might be hard to combine with the suggestion as default functionality.

Hey, yes, I do have another pass on frame-all/selected on the list for more modes support etc. No idea when I will get around to it tho.

no problem, I’m ok with default behavior. Can live with my custom macro =)

Ex modo user, too.
Is there any way to replicate action center mouse from lightwave? It’s immediate, fast and feels organic. Just click anywhere and it immediately performs an action.

Yes, the closest thing is 3D Cursor:

You can check this topic for more general questions:

3d cursor…no… :smiley:

Yep. absolutely the same

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Don’t forget you can assign hotkeys for “action center combos”.
KeKITT has several presets for that. Or search other solution.
So it isn’t problem at all in terms of speed/efficiency :wink:


You’re using the 3d cursor? That’s two clicks if you are using it and every click for relocating it.
Mouse action center from lightwave is one click and no need to keep relocating the 3d cursor.

Am I correct to say that: what you are after is setting the transform pivot point and orientation(3D cursor), the active tool (rotation) and the 3D cursor in three inputs: (1) activate the tool, (2) set the pivot/ 3D cursor and (3) the transform itself? These might be chainable indeed.

I did a quick test, this would work:

def execute(self, context):
    bpy.ops.view3d.cursor3d('INVOKE_DEFAULT', use_depth=True, orientation="GEOM")
    # bpy.ops.transform.rotate('INVOKE_DEFAULT')
    return {'FINISHED'}

Note: I commented out the Grab variant, as the mouse pos is dead center on the cursor when you click, as Blenders rotate works, that means maximum sensitivity, and the rotation becomes…extreme. and annoying. Instead, launching rotate with the handles (esp. in ortho), will let you drag outside the actual handles for rotation, without the extreme initial position.
This is a bit of an edge case, and I’m not sure the exact “click count” is the same due to this. may or may not add to the kit ;> (prob not)
ed; oh, and the o&p modes first. If that is only intended to be momentary it becomes a bit more complicated, but, You still set “active mouse” so that step is eq. esp. if using O&P combos.

Just wanted to say Thank you for implementing the MultiCut feature! Works great. :slight_smile: Sent you a donation on Gumroad.

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Without using the 3d cursor if possible. The way it works in lightwave as shown in the video is you click with lmb anywhere in the viewport and that will be the action center of rotate, scale or even move(in case using falloff, like modo falloffs, miratools falloff).
There’s no need to keep clicking to relocate the 3d cursor before you can perform rot, scale, move.

I copy pasted this code to a .py and tried to add it in blender. Nothing happens. How to use this? :sweat_smile:

oh, that is a whole other story ;D [ed: installing scripts/add-ons]
I can wrap it so you can install it as an add-on, when I have some time later.

Ah I thought the code was for mouse action center :joy:

I dont know if it is worth it though, you will need two clicks: one to set the cursor/tool position and the click to rotate – example: (sets cursor mode, places cursor, launches tool-rotate)

(one click only works for grab-rotate, which is not going to be useable, as I stated earlier)
ed: It would ofc be doable to replicate 1:1 if I coded a custom rotate tool from scratch. I’m not doing that. ;>

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Ok. Hmmm… is the 3d cursor accessible via python?
When I click in the viewport to relocate the 3d cursor I don’t see any py code in the info window.
if it was, a macro could probably work for me.
As Hologram said it can be chainable.

  1. activate a tool (move, rotate, scale)
  2. lmb click in viewport to automatically relocate 3dcursor/action center
  3. continue to drag with lmb on screen to use the tool (move, rotate, scale)

> is the 3d cursor accessible via python?

> continue to drag with lmb on screen to use the tool (move, rotate, scale)
yes and no for the “continue” part;
you can do it with one click (and continue) to drag, but you wont like it. An additional click will be preferable. If you still want to pursue it, go ahead, but I’m out.