For New Users who don't have a clue


I’m a new user who has downloaded the program, and after watching many of the vague tutorials, can grip the concepts. However I cannot utilize the functions properly.

At the moment I am trying to use the Armetures to create animation, however all of the distortion is horribly wrong and every time I try to fix it it seems to get worse.

I will try and post the project then pray for the help I need. Hopefully all the adepts out there can give me a small hand.

Description of the project:
I’m making a kirby-esque character and just trying to give him a mitten like hand that can grasp a crude dagger. Think a cracked out cool spot / kirby mix.

I have the model created, however the hand / skeleton will not work together, especially the distortion. The finger tips shrink and bend the tip instead of bending like fingers in a hand. The tutorial in the related site just doesn’t seem to help. Maybe I’m missing something

Please help

How exactly are the fingers distorted. Did you make your own vertex groups or did you have Blender do it for you.