For people who made games with blender, how long did it....

Take for you to learn the basics and know hows of what to do to add features and complete your game in the game engine? A week, a month maybe? And how did you learn it?

I’m also asking this part out of fear i’ll never be able to learn the engine and may end up having no feature implemented by me from scratch because i’ll keep asking help and (this is a different reason) looking for some reassurance that maybe it can be easily learnable.[/list]

I have completed a small game… I will post a link if it is still uploaded to somewhere… I have been together with blender for more than 4 years…
since blender wasn’t so advanced as it is now it took me 2 years to learn the basics and I was very young at that time too…
since I think you’re not 9 years old I think it will take few months to learn everything to make a game…

Do you think the learning process would be really helped by the blender gamekit, i’ve ordered that in book form a few days ago and I think it’ll help at least a bit with what it would say and it’s examples.

I think it would help a lot… I didn’t buy it when it came and I heard everyone talking about it and I was so jelaous… But I managed without it too… I think it should give you a clear view how to use logic bricks and how to set up a game…

I’ve been using blender for about 2.5 years, and the game engine maybe for 1.5 years. I dont have the gamekit, i just read tutorials and played around with the game engine myself

The gamekit just arrived for me today. I don’t get much from the tutorials, but I do think i’ll be able to learn from looking at the examples.

It took me only about 6 monthes to learn the basics of the game engine.I didn’t even know blender could have games when I first used it :slight_smile:

But i spent about 20 hours a week on Blender, so it would take someone without that much spare time about 1 year.

Though it’s not a definate amount of how quick or slow one learns the engine, we all learn at our own paces.

%| Well, there was this guy that had the nick with newbie in it. Heh, I asked why did he have that nick since he won’t be a newbie forever in the game engine.

His reply was pretty true. We’re all going to be newbies in a way. There’s always many things to learn from the blender game engine. After learning some basic stuff you’ll want to learn python so you could create some more advanced gameplay you might have in mind.

Logic bricks are great, but in the end they still limit you on the things you can do.

Jason Lin

i atualy got blender because it could. :slight_smile:

well they all veary like the game Bikers World will take quite a long time (its a sticky)

I wonder what it’s going to be “the bikers world”

I don’t like bikers, but my brother has bikers’ boots…

i atualy got blender because it could. :)[/quote]
That was the intial reason I also got blender, but then I fell in love modeling stuff and rendering scenes and ended up with almost 70 images. I first two renders I meant to have as advertisement billboards for the racing game I started. But then it caught on from there.