For the Blender Community, Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter Tower

Hello Everyone,

Have a free model:

I made this some time ago, but now I’m releasing the model to the public.

Since you people here are skilled and trusted blender users, I’m adding a little more to this post than facebook “free model for you” posts!

The Spirit Behind Tesla’s Work and Blender

Keeping it free. Applied ingenuity and dedication. A love for the science. I’ve always been a fan of Nikola Tesla, but when I started using Blender 3d I realized similarities between the creation of Blender 3d and Tesla’s work.

Please Improve on This Model

Visually this model is nice, yeah? But accurate? Not much is available for reference to recreate this concept which would have been a masterpiece. I believe if some dedicated artists started revisualizing this tower and the inventions surrounding it, it would not be long before people started noticing.

I’ll Support Any Efforts To Recreate Tesla’s Inventions as Models, Free for Public

I’m running off of a pretty slick server right now. Depending on the response and interest, I’m ready to host a dedicated website to recreating Tesla’s work in detailed model form.These models would be free to the public, schools, etc.

Or not…

Of course, you can just download it and have fun too. This thread can sink to the bottom of Blender Artists…its not like Tesla is the most intriguing subject out there, right? Wouldn’t we rather be making star wars ships, elves and dragons and cute little robots? :smiley:

Here is the link:

Send me an e-mail Leo[AT] Depending on the response I’ll make a dedicated website complete with forums, file exchanging areas, etc. Really – I will. I’m pretty good at it.


Thank you for your generosity! This may very well come in handy for a project.

I’ll download the mesh & more than likely use it in a background for a comic I am doing as a hobby. Background material is always in my list.

Thank you!

PS - like you - I will also be releasing the comic to the community!