For those of you who think BBB or ED was too short...

For those of you who think BB or ED was too short:
Do the math:
Comparing: BBB to Shrek 4
Shrek 4 BBB
Team: 60+ Team: About 6
Time: Over 1 h Time: 8 min
Production Time: 4 years Production Time: 6 months

So, if there were 60+ Blenderartists of BBB Team Quality, we could make movies that woud last a lifetime. :smiley:

I totally agree, buddy!
But longer movies and we’d have to wait longer :frowning: I prefer 6 months to 4 years.:wink:

I’d be surprised if they were only 60… maybe if you just count the artists but the I believe that there were only 4 of them on BBB and 2 devs.
Consider also that Shrek is an ongoing series and as such much of the assets are already built. That means much less modeling, rigging, texturing, etc… than for a new project.

Ok, let’s do the math…

Shreck 4: 60 people times 4 years = 240 person-years.

BBB: 6 people times 6 months = 3 person-years.

3 BBB person-years = 8 minutes of video

3 BBB person-years x 80 = 240 BBB person-years

8 minutes x 80 = 10 hours 40 minutes of video or roughly seven 90 minute feature films.

But: if those same 6 people did all the work, it would take them 40 calendar years to crank out those 7 features, or about one film every five to six years. That’s a long time to work on spec.

ok some more maths…

Shrek 1 boxoffice gross $484,409,218
Shrek 2 boxoffice gross $919,838,758
Shrek 3 boxoffice gross $798,957,081

BBB- total sales- not sure

and in my opinion BBB was far better than the last 2 shreks, it definitely has the potential to be huge on the big screen, so a 6 year work cycle may not be that bad for the amount of publicity it could draw for blender, as well as the revenue- just think how good the program could be if you had 90 million to invest into it…

From what I read on Plumiferos blog, they had to keep a frozen version of blender.
Doing it for such a long time would probably be like an emergency departure outside the solar system… hum, not sure what I meant there :slight_smile:
The top notch blenderheads would definitely need to be a greater number.

All fields where blender is used could provide more or less specialized profiles:

->background modelling

->character design

->set dressing

Video game:
->character rigging

What else could we add to this?

Video Creation
->TV Commercials
->Web Commercials
->Loop Video (e.g. Casinos, in-store displays)
->Training Video
Video and Image Editing
->NLE Splicing and Arrangement
->Post pro color correction and adjustment
->Compositing and Layering
->Green Screen

Product Development
->Visualization, Proof of Concept
->Theoretical Demonstation and Operation
->Patent Drawings
->Alternative Evaluation
->Packaging Design

You have wrong informations.
60? I think that is 3-4x…

@PapaSmurf. that’s nice if I forgot a lot of fields, you think some people use Bender in these areas too?
It’s true that attributing such tasks as the DVD packaging to specialized artists would leave the core team more time to polish their work till the deadline…

A long term project could be prepared by shorter decentralized ones. Saying: if for a few years teams gathered on the BBB model or even on other terms like ProMotion making The Lighthouse in every country where there is a sufficient community to setup such local projects. These might at one point be availabe as “units” for something of a bigger scale. Anyway there is a lot of work ahead before that!