for those who already have a branch in blender

hi all
i’m trying to start a new branch for blender, i wonder what do i have to do exactly to participate, and please don’t give me common knowledge.:spin:

i’m in my design stage right now, and if you have any suggests before the process of coding then thanks :slight_smile:

i should metion i don’t know blender source code:o, i know python, c++, perl, java, and VB :eek:

any help will be appreciated, and for those who say “why don’t you do it on blender org” i say i tried to enter the site and its not loading into my 3 browsers, fire, IE, and etc whatever :frowning:

NOTE: I’m not a developer and I don’t have a branch, but I can show you the right direction to take

You have to ask for a new branch from the devs. first.

The best thing to do is ask for a new branch with a proposal on what you plan on developing in this mailing list (you have to register first)

If you prove to be able to go through with the project then they might give you commit rights to your own branch.

Meh, branches…

I just manage a stack of patches with quilt and every great once in a while when I manage to get one pushed to trunk I just do a ‘quilt delete patch’ and call it a day.

Oh, and do a ‘quilt pop -a’ to have a clean tree when I svn up and then pop them back individually so I can fix any occasional merge conflicts that arise.

Quilt’s the dog’s bollocks…


Almost forgot, why don’t you do it on blender org?

thanks guys that helped, but more >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

and blender .org actually did open later, and i didn’t post it on it. :slight_smile:

ok i going to submit this to blender .org, i may have some answers

Thank for Dragon’s answer.


new from Brisbane and here everyone seems expert, I am new and trying to design quilt covers. Actually trying to introduce my own designs. I worked in bed linen field for more than 10 years and currently working for Kas brand and I just came to blender through Google. The team of expert is here and do you think that I can understand blender in 2 months. My age is 45.