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Visit it everyday, because i UPDATE it every day, and include some of my new, and old, blendering, that you didnt see, so you better visit it and put me in the cj AND gallery.

cool, it rhymes. kind of.

incase you forgot, my site is So go there and add to favorites/bookmark it.

remember, my site is more than just blender. blender is only 99% of it, you know.

first and foremost, i would like to thank roadie style, beyond compare, for getting my belt back and, helping me promotion my skills. and in return, i will teach them how to make one million dollars. wow. and when you hear it youll be like wow, i dont believe it. so simple. no skill involved at all, i could have thought of that myself. but you say what, what the hell? i dont believe it. check it out though.