For You Are Beautifully and Wonderfully Made - All the Proportions of the Face

I’ve been learning about the proportions of the face recently and was just so amazed by its’ design and how everything fits together and is a part of each other that I started to wonder what it would look like to follow each proportion exactly and here is the result. Since so much of the face is determined by the eyes and the width of the skull, I used the average size of the eyes (24mm) as well as the average width of the skull to get something that would at least be close to what a normal head would look like. Then I just went with reference images and the proportions for the rest of it. I think one thing I missed in the sculpt is the way the middle of the nose connects to the mouth from the side view should be further along the nostril. I’m not completely sure on this though.

Since it is kind of a clay sculpture, I thought it would also be fun to try to make it look like clay and as though hands had formed it. On my website found here:!proportions/cup5 you can see a few notes on the workflow I used to “clayify” (if that’s even a word) the sculpt. I’ve also posted the rig with all of the proportions and the base retopologized head on Blendswap here: under a CC0 license, so feel free to use them in any of your projects. Even though each proportion can change quite a bit from person to person, the rig does provide good guidelines as well as a very good checklist of things to look for when sculpting. Also, if anyone knows about any proportions that I missed, please feel free to share; I’d love to learn about them. Any critiques or questions would also be welcome.

In closing, and being the first time I have retopologized a head, I would like to say one random thing - EAR RETOPOLOGY IS CRAZY:D

Made entirely in Blender and rendered in Cycles.

this is so useful! thank you! i was planning on reading a book about the human’s anatomy, but this would probably sums it up nicely!

That’s great! I’m glad it will help. It really did turn out to be a pretty good resource.