For you how much time usually it takes to rig a character?

Hey guys, just of curiosity.

How much time takes to make a complete rig in a character?
For me its taking an entire week.

Three to four days depending on how aggressive I test all the movements. Face rig takes the longest time. I’ll use any number of different rigs and sometimes I’ll build my own. Then it takes a little longer.

Usually an entire week or more - let’s say four days for main work, then the rest for support (fixing broken stuff, adding some details, fixing deformations, etc), but it really depends on the character. Recently a giant squid has taken ten full days (I had never done such a thing before).

how long does it takes to design and model a character ? It changes a lot according to complexity and expectations …

If you use riggify it can be done in one day, but that’s generally not sufficient.

From start to finish without riggify it takes me one week for a basic but complete setup + some facial features (except lips sync) .

For one project I’ve spend one month and half working on the rig + scripts, but this rig could then be easily adapted to other characters in the movie ( there was around 13 character to rig for the project) , then rigging one background character can take less than one day (skinning/facial stuff included) .

If you rig a character that you haven’t designed and especially in cartoony animation you may have to make some research to rig weird stuff , I guess it’s also the case with very realistic characters but I haven’t done such yet. To me it’s not that uncommon to spend more than one month in the rig, you may have also animator request all along the project. But that really depend on the project scale, character design and final result quality.