(SinjnCortes) #1

First project I’ve done almost exclusively in Eevee. It was a bit of a hassle to learn the location of new buttons as well as some different hot keys but a good experience nonetheless. This is one of the few times where the design started as a 2D sketch and then was fleshed out in 3D. The final result turned out much better than if I were to just start messing with Blender for a while. Tell me what you think, criticism is encouraged.

(alf0) #2

nice work !!!

(KickAir 8P) #3


Personal opinion - the shoulder-pads might need something. You’re using black for inset and interior parts (interior-but-visible joints, inset abdomen, the faceplate seems a bit inset) but also the shoulder-pads, which aren’t. They also fade into the dark background and break the bot’s silhouette in a way I don’t like. The glow-detail on the abdomen keeps that from happening there – if you don’t want to make the shoulder-pads white I’d suggest more detailing.

(SK0441) #4

I think adding AO and some depth of field would help a lot

(SinjnCortes) #5

The reason I didn’t use white for the shoulders was because I needed something to break up the large masses of white (the torso and upper arms). I moved the arms slightly because they were clipping into the shoulders and hiding some of the blue outlines.

(SinjnCortes) #6

I messed around with the AO settings and not a whole lot happened. I just boosted the exposure a little. The depth of field was a little finicky but worked out well in the end.