Force refresh of bone positions/ with constraints

I have a bone with a “child of” constraint – it seems to lag a frame behind, as though it is just not refreshing. If I slide the Influence slider down and up, the bone snaps in place. (ie this is a frame by frame workaround that forces refresh) but is there a better solution?

Check in the console to see if you have a cyclic dependency going on. That will sometimes cause the lagging issue, and is easy to stumble on when setting up bone constraints.

Hmmm… It’s not telling me that there are any. I saved, closed, reopened, and now we’re (seeming) good. For this shot I had to rework the rig a little,Blender must’ve held on to some of the old constraint data, then cleared when closed.


I had the same problem several times. I guess, the problem is in “Child of” constrain. It is better to use copy location/rotation constraints instead child of.

take care! I did fall into this pit. Copy-Loc+Copy-Rot Constraints are not the same like the Child-of-constraint. The effect could be the same, for example if the location is the same like the parent, but if different the result will quickly show total different animations.