Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe (1967)

hello everybody… =)
I created a car… yay… =) it is the Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe (1967)… you might know it from the Harry Potter books & movies as the magical car of Mr Weasley… =) (I made it pre-damaged… it was easier… =) )

a turntable render with wirefram view etc.

and here are some more views:

high res here
I didn’t put too much effort into the interior because I mainly wanted it to look good from the outside… =)

thank you… =)

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Really great work. Especially the final render. You have a new fan. :slight_smile:

thanks a lot… =) =)

looks great!

First of all I have to issue a small disclaimer here, I had been working on a model of this car once in 2012 and recently picked it up again over the last month or two so I think I know this car probably better then the vast majority of people that well leave comments having stared at so many photos of it.

This is a solid modeling effort but my biggest crit would be that the are parts of this car where you have proportion and form issues. The form issues you could pick up if you compared this car to the photo of the real thing.

The proportion ones are in places like the hub cap which is so big that the tire’s sidewall end up looking like low profile tires.

So it’s a solid effort but I think it could have been improved by comparing it a lot closer to photos of the real car.

I compared it the whole time… I worked with circa 16 reference photos and compared to them it’s really close and correct with the blueprints too… .=) it matches everything I have very well … =) (I know that there are here and there some issues but not big ones though… =) )

At the risk of sounding like a douche sorry but it’s not even close to the real car. 16 photos is not enough to work with I have close to 300 photos in my reference folder. Like I said I know this car because I have been modeling it for a long time(on and off for about three years now).

If you google this forum for car modeling jam 2 you will find that I hosted a modeling jam in WIP a long time ago where Blender heads modeled cars that had appeared in films or movies. This particular car happened to be my choice.

The are many places were your car is off.

I can see that you are new to car modeling, because you are struggling with making some edges hard etc but this is a solid effort that could have been better if it spent more time in work in progress.

enough for me… =) thanks anyway… =) (at least it looks like a car… =) ) and you marked some things which are not like you say in my references and blueprints… just sayin… a lot of good advise though… thanks again… =) (and yes I’m new to car modeling… 2nd car actually… =) )