ford focus-game model-game engine shot

just been working on this. actaully i just started about an hour or two ago :D. {kothe} this is the ford focus ill help you make :wink:

anyway the model is no were near finsihed and its mess at the minute so it needs tidying up a lot. crits are welcome. ignore the front bumper it looks crap! at the minute it has 932 tri’s


here is an update! :smiley:

does any one know of any websites that are dedicated to 3d game models?


here is a screenshot from inside the game engine. i tried to smooth it so it looked better


cool! I hope we’ll be able to actually race with it soon! Well, with textures on it ofcourse :slight_smile: But looking great already.

of course :smiley: it might be a while tho, still have to make the tracks and the city :wink: . if any one has any good ideas on how to make a race track in blender that has street like corners etc and that also allows me to have the quads roughly about 1 meter sqaure and keep that dimension around the track?. it would be much appriceated :slight_smile:

texture test!

NOTE: just a test to see what the uv mapping tools were like, the tools are good :smiley: