Ford GT (GT1/GT3 2005)

This is my first Model / project I’ve been working on it for 10 months off and on. Far from perfect but it’s been a very educational experience.

Looks very good so far. I always like to see racing car and sports car projects. Could you share some wireframe shots?

I posted them but they are not showing up, pending moderator approval I think.

Its i Nice work if is your first model, actually doesn’t looks like a first work its very well done. Congratulations. But i appreciate other car views to better reference of it. Greetings.

Thanks for the wire views. It’s interesting and informative to see how you achieved your result and the wires will also help others give feedback if you’re looking for critique.

Nice mesh - does look really good
BTW - just noticed your from “The Ohio State” - go bucks

from both of these you can see that there is still some topology issues that I need to go back and address.

Man to be your first model its really really NICE. Very GOOD JOB. in these views you post in (thanks a lot for these), i can see that actually is a good job, but you can upgrade it. First, the Material (at least that you wanna like that) Looks good, but looks like a metal toy. Second, all the lines crossing the car indicate that are many separate parts (like the front end with the hood, or the doors with the body) for that reason (at least that you wanna like that) you have to erase that kind of union, because reinforces the toy appearance. After that, only use subdivision surface to get a smoothest shape and thats all. to me its a very very good way to initiate in this fantastic world. Thanks for show up your work.

Very nice model, are you going to texture it?

Also is this going to be a cinimatic piece or go into a video game? :smiley:

Very nice. Everything is fitting really well.

wow this car is really awesome. nice details!