Ford-GT40 wip

with that supercharged v8 and a sweet body this must be the most beautiful car ever.
this is my first car im going to model the inside, im a member of the blueprint site and
they allow me to download big images which can be very useful.
i have made a start by setting up the blueprint:

im using a colour blueprint becouse it will be much harder if it were just
a outline, you cant really tell what your modeling,:spin:
progress will be slow if we want a very good model.

OK but… What did you actually do? Put three pictures in the background? Wow. I cannot see even one verticle… :slight_smile:


Am I supposed to be jealous or something? :wink:

But otherwise - good choice of car to model. Really beautiful. Hope you’ve got skills to do this. :slight_smile: Looking forward to this.

im just recomending joining, you get high res images.:rolleyes:


I agree with Bottom-Feeder,beautiful car.From which blueprint site did you get the blueprints?
Is it ?
This is a great and challenging car to model,I will follow your thread.

i have started a quick model, il add more detail later.

and a wire

i find it amazing how every car model you do, you get so much better?

Nice. Will you use subsurf later?

later when the high detail is in, makes it easy for me.

You’ve got partly right but I have subsurf on from the beginning - it let me see how it gonna look after I finally done it.

ok, this is what it looks like when sub is on, but its a mini operation to get the edges right, if i do that now it will be harder to add detail.

[LEFT]great choice ionee, I’m waiting for more

still just getting that nice shape right, i have found a few problams but they are easy to fix.
started the doors roof and windows.

starting the front, not sure its right though. seem to deep?
here is what i got,

i also fixed probs.
can be very hard, these types of cars becouse you have to guess
where stuff is, they not really on the blueprints you see.
eg. grill