Ford GT500

I’ve been playing with blender for a couple years and now I am going to attempt a real project. Since this is my first, figured I would post to keep it going and get some critique while I am at it.

Ford Shelby GT500 2007 Model

Just getting reference images scaled properly.

Wow, this is a wip strait from the beginning. Keep it up.

Well, the hood is giving me more trouble than I thought it would. The vents are becoming quite the pain, so just a basic shape for now, still trying to see a way to pull them up out of the mesh.

wow you are gonna struggle with this one.

That hood is too dense,you are using a lot of faces for something this simple.

I bit you could make it with a 1/3 or 1/2 of those faces and it will be easier to smooth out and shape.

Oh yeah, that is waaaay too much faces on something simple as that!

This is probably the first thing i would do(image) and then see how it looks.


Redo of the hood, finally got something to work. Mostly that last one was a place holder until I could get an idea of how to get those vents to shape well. Is it still too dense?

Thats alot better, i like the vents.

Please can U tell me , how can and where can I find that images from XYZ view of any car? Has these pictures some special names??
Sorry for english

Search for blueprints or schematics. Blueprints will get more hits in a search engine.

Nice start on the car btw. Remember to make your model as low res as you can and let the subsurf modifier do all the work :smiley:

Exactly. Or else your reflections will be all screwed up, no matter how smooth it looks in the 3d viewport.
Those two or three edge loops that run on either side of the vents should better be merged all into one.
Looking good though.

@DDD: Thanks for the tip, I have tried going from the top, the bottom the middle but just couldn’t get a good flow of the mesh. Just looking at your picture there just made something go off in my head.

@yokozuna404: the site Optikz listed is a great resource to use. That is where the images I am using came from. Also look for photographs of the actual object also, they are a big help too. Those showed things that are missing from the reference images I am using in blender.

@Optikz or GodOfBigThings: Would it be better to subsurf from the start or as a last step? (By the way, good job on the Ferrari)

Update (with subsurf)

Working on the front end now.

Looks like its taking shape!

Doors are now added. Still debating on if the handle and mirror should be seperate objects or built into the door.

Rear Panel

I hate when life gets in the way of things I want to do. I got to this point a week ago or more. Still working on some parts on the rear panel, not happy with the flow of the mesh at the moment.

Redone some mesh parts, added the roof and rear bumper.

looking good
do add screenshots with some subsurf though

I think this does it for the rough outline.

Now to start fine tuning the subsurf modifier. Same as above just with the modifier on.