Ford Mustang GT 2005

here is a render of my latest finished project, it’s a ford mustnag GT 2005 hope you like it. the smoke is made in photoshop

made by joel :slight_smile:


cool! what renderer is it?

Low resolution of your ground, but nice picture !

thanks! :smiley: it´s blenders internal render.

yes i know and thanks :slight_smile:

nice car modeling. looks great for a game. :smiley:

thanks, i had actually thought to put it in to a game :smiley:

Cool, a bit bright on the highlights though.

Very Nice render. is the background a plain photo or is that modeled as well? the only thing I would critique is that the car’s shadow on the ground is too hard and the main headlights are too reflective and they should be more transparent (you might have done that on purpose though…)

thanks, the bakround is a HDRI picture so it´s not modeled. i know that the shadow is a bit bad and the strong lightnintg is on purpose :slight_smile:

I like it!
first good render I’ve seen today!
I would really try to do something about the over-exposed background.