Forest environment fps showcase now available as free download.

Hello guys i’m excited to be giving away the forest fps environment game and .blend file to you guys as a FREE DOWNLOAD

download the Game
download the .blend

These files contain, water, fire, fog, smoke, and lens effects using only logic bricks.

Demo/showcase video

File download video

Hope you guys can do something useful with it, likes and comments appreciated!

Sweet! Looks great, although I could hardly reach 30 fps at 1080p… Seeing the .blend file gave me some ideas about terrain/level creation.
I don’t suppose the level could support AI and actions, but as you had graphics in mind, you did a great job :smiley:
btw, you have some really cool tutorials. Keep them coming :slight_smile:

there is no game or blend link is to download manager

Thanks :smiley: glad you liked it, the game was sort of meant to inspire or give you guys new ideas for your own games!
I most likely had too many plants in the one scene which was causing the lag.
and used too many hi-poly objects for backgrounds!
Glad you liked the tutorials :smiley:

Hi, make sure you click the button on the top right of the screen after 5 seconds (skip ad) this will take you to the mediafire page where you can continue and download the file.
Ps. this .blend was created on windows 7 64-bit computer

Great stuff, nice work on the foliage.

Thanks :D, foliage took a while to make however i think there is still improvements that can be made especially concerning the grass.

Nice job, thank you for sharing.

Thanks hope you you find it useful!

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