Forest ground scene

A short guide how we create a forest ground scene
in Blender 3D 2.78 (Cycles)

  1. Scanned tree stump without texturing
  2. Tree stump PBR texturing with four 8k EXR maps
    (Height, Spec. AO and Diffuse)
  3. 15k map envorinment setup for realistic light
  4. Ground with microdisplacement (render res. = 1.2)
  5. Leaves setup from our Nature Essentials (forest leaves 17)
    Branches setup (forest branches 21)
  6. Dry Grass setup from our Nature Essentials (dry grass ground 9) Weeds setup (forest weeds 8)

All together in the compositor and this is the result of this little artwork :slight_smile:

Greets to all, JLE Studio Auckland / Jeroen