Forest Nature Scene

After looking at dreamsgate’s nature scene, I thought I’d try one of my own, using my newly aquaired skill of uvmapping.:slight_smile: C&c appreciated, I may make another update, if something important needs changed.

Update:Scroll down for final image!

nice :slight_smile: , almost everything looks very good :slight_smile: .

use a better texture for the trees and the ground, they are pretty low-res atm. and please change that background :wink:


Hey looking good lol i like it but yea better textureing on the ground and trees whould enhance the look.

use procedurals for the ground.

Here’s a small update: Background, Ground tex, tree tex.
Kinda a swampy look, isnt it?


Pretty good modelling there!
You should work a lot more on the lighting, it will create some
atmosphere for your scene. It’s a pretty good scene already
and you could increase it 200-300 percent with little effort!
Create a fictional “out-of-focus” background map…
add really cool lights.
And…ambient occlusion, and as someone else already
rightly suggested…better ground textures…and your
image will be home free :slight_smile:

Remember that: - Each picture needs a subject. - The eye is naturally drawn to the brightest thing.

Right now I can’t decide if the subject is a leaf or a toadstool. It’s a very good model; slight tweaks of lighting will make it a fine picture.

Final Image:

Yeah, these models look good… I__ especially like the tree roots. Did you do it all by hand or did you use some sort of script tool?

Oh… you updated while I was posting. Yes, that new image looks better, the dappled multi-directional lighting suits a forest setting. Nice! :smiley: Better than I could do :expressionless:


You got some leaves sticking into the ground
on a couple of the plants.
The ones that droop down.
You should fix that.

The lighting looks unnatural to me.
Looks like indoor stage lighting instead
of outdoor light.

If your willing to put up with long render times
then try Ambient Occlusion.

The blue background looks a bit odd to me.

The tree with the roots looks bad to me. The roots look as if they’re holding the tree above the ground, and they look as if someone attatched them to the base, rather than grew there themselves. If you can, visit a real forest and take a look at the base of some trees. Smallish trees often don’t even have roots like that, but rather just have kind of a thick base.