Forest Sunset

I’ve been playing around with Dupliverts and their possibilities in 2.59. Pretty amazing, I’ve modeled several high poly trees (60-100K faces) but havent really been able to use them in large numbers for obvious reasons.

This render was done with a single 70K face tree dupliverted on a surface 400 times making around 28,000,000 faces. Let me know what ya think.

Textures in Gimp, Blender 2.59, BI (Render time 1min20sec, 1920x1080)

Looks great! 1min render… O.o!

Gotta try dupliverts!

Good job man!

great job!

I’ll like it

Nice scene !

Yes, duplivert is powerful. In a former project, I made several grids and patterns with flat meshes to distribute trees, street lights and other city props in a town. They allow to put objects exactly where we want (need to add a tree : just add a vertice or a face !), without consuming much computer ressources.

There is a Python script (I don’t know it it works with 2.5x though) to rotate/scale randomly a bunch of objects, but as you would have to apply the duplivert (make objects real), you would loose the advantage of low memory consumption…

BUT : In Blender 2.5, there is an interesting Scale feature usable when using Duplivert in Face mode : This function allows to reduce the reference model to hide it, and the dupliverted objects can be scaled up. But the main interesting part is that if you use a subdivided/Fractal plane for duplivert basis, and scale it to zero in Z direction, you will get copies of your original duplivertedobject randomly scaled and rotated ! this is very interesting to make forests ! just try it !o)

Thanks guys,

@Roubal - Thanks for the info I will give it a try. Another way to get random rotation and scale is to use a particle system. Attached is another render with 108,000,000 faces using hair particle system (1500 hairs replaced with a 70,000 faced tree). Still uses the (duplivert) instance technology and saves on memory. I think it rendered in about 3 min.

Again thanks for the comments, I know the tree color is a bit red and unrealistic. My next task to to create a realistic forest scene using instance objects to the full extent possible. Exterior tree and plant vegitation had always been an issue for me using blender. My work around was always flat faced tree billboards. This is opening up a whole new world of options. I know its been avalible for a while but I havent really seen to many post on it.