well, im workin up another version of my forest(the one that was in the “blender general” forum)

critiques welcome !

note: i AM going for the simple shaped AO effect to…

nice cartoony kinda aproach i like it :smiley: add some twigs on the floor a texture to the floor some more tree’s etc etc :smiley: keep it up

Very cool, nice looking too, but try to variate a bit with the trees. I think you probably used the same tree over and over again. Very cool though!

I like the style you’re using, but it’s little empty right now

hey, thank you for the comments…i was wondering…what should i add into the scene ?

maybe a sky, some mountains in the background— but make it unobtrusive. I love those soft GI renders.

yeah, im using a sphere/plane for my surroundings and im havin trouble with background textures and getting them to blend right(the sky and the grass horizon) so i was wondering what i might do.

Congrats my friend, very cool trees. I really like the non realistic style. Looks like putty.

My only suggestion is to make them variable in size, and (you probably have this in mind already), make the terrain irregular on the final version.

Very nice Forrest. I too like the cartoony effect. Have you seen Professor Stefano’s How-to-make-a-cartoonish-landscape tutorial? It helped me a lot and I think it will help you too.

By the way, I like the way you made the green part of the trees. I think it’s a clever use of meatballs. :smiley: :smiley:

hey ozo… the tute link seems to be broken… is it an old link? I would like to see the tutorial on the cartoony landscape too. :smiley:

Sorry Zachboy82, I’m not very good with this Forum thing yet. However, the link is good. If that don’t work, go to then click on Blender stuff>Tutorials. There you will find all of Professor Stefano’s cool tutorials.

i love the trees they would fit an animation perfectly :smiley:
you need to explain to me how ambient-occlusion works :expressionless:
or plz point me to a tutorial


yeah, here: is a start…