Forget VR and AR, new display medium brings true, real world 3D

I just stumbled upon this, and this is not VR, this is not AR, this is not pepper’s ghost trickery, this is not Euclideon’s slick marketing tactics, this is not some university concept that is still a decade away, this is something more in vein on what you find on the Millennium Falcon and can be obtained now.

If you look closely, the holography is actually seen in front of the glass dome from various angles (ie. the real deal like in Star Wars) with the only real limitation being that it needs to be in a dome and it can’t fill the whole thing up, yet. Reportedly, the tech. in and of itself can be had in a form that’s not a gaming table.

Support for this type of thing might be way out there as far as priorities for the BF is concerned, but if anyone dreams of Blender leapfrogging Autodesk and friends…


That’s cool, looks like they are sweeping a 2d display up and down, pulsing the display to render slices.

I’ve seen similar tech with rotating base displays sweeping out a volume axially.

12 years ago, my CG hero Paul Debevec worked on a 360° display based on a turntable:

I dig the linear sweep these guys are doing, that seems really effective.

Reminds me of those holographic arcade machines from when I was growing up, namely SEGA’s 1991 Arcade machine “Time Traveler”.

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This page has a little bit more info. They are projecting from below onto a diffuse screen that is being cycled up and down, almost like a speaker cone. Pretty clever, but I can imagine they’ll have a hard time getting much more z-height than they are currently showing.

I wonder if they are running a vacuum inside that dome, the airdrag on that pumping screen has gotta be pretty intense.

You may want to look at the Tilt Five system

Here’s another interesting one
It uses sound wave levitation to manipulate a tiny bead in 3D space. Lights reflected off the bead produce the 3D image. The sound also creates pressure walls that can be felt with the hand. Would be cool to see how this develops.

I did see that one too, but it’s still very much in the research phase and does not yet have a standalone product (like that one other tech. that creates real 3D figures made of plasma). That piece of tech. (as of now) also can only do very small illustrations if it is to be realtime.

What those experimental technologies do show is that we’re on track to soon go beyond even this level of 3D display (as Voxon’s is still behind glass) in favor of ones you can literally put your finger through. It may actually be enough to play that chess game from Star Wars, but there’s still quite a ways to go before holodecks.

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