Forgot the name of a comic but have the details

What’s up guys,

I read a comic book series a while back but forgot the name. However, I have a few details about the plot that I was helping you guys would recognize.

The plot follows a warrior-type character who wears a white hood and is known for killing the aliens who inhabit the planet. For whatever reason, he does not live with his family but with this step-mother who taught him how to fight before she was killed. At some point, he is captured and discovered he is the long-lost heir to the throne and is forced into a position of royalty which he does not relish.

That’s really all I have, but any suggestions, even the most far-fetched, are helpful.

Thank you,


I don’t think so. The detail I can remember most vividly was his white hood. I also believe the artist portrayed him in a more squat-way, not as detailed as dreadstar comics.

That was a stretch anyway. The only white hooded character I can think of is Moon Knight, but the back story isn’t anything like what you described.

You should search here:

Grand Comics Database


Vaughn Bodē’s Cobalt 60…

Cobalt 60 takes place in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-like world inhabited by mutants, aliens and other fantastic creatures. Its titular character embarks on a quest to avenge the death of his parents, murdered by the evil Strontium 90. After he succeeds in his quest, he inherits his father’s kingdom, but prefers to return to his wild ways. Cobalt 60 is very violent and quite graphic in its action scenes.

I’m not a huge fan of American graphic artists, but Vaughn Bodē is definitely one of the best and a major influence on graphic street art.

… and the Periodic Table of the Elements will never again be quite the same … :smiley:

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