Forgotten crystal
In a land untouched and unknown by man, there lies a crystal as pure as can be…

Comments? Thx.

You’ve got a good crystal shape and the material looks nice. I also like the soft star shapes on the soft highlights and the glow. They do look a bit fake but they look like those on some logos used by film studios when a movie starts.

Not sure if the floaty things are supposed to fake caustics but they give an element of fantasy.

So overall, I’d say the crystal looks great and although the lighting effects look unrealistic (which I suspect is Blender’s fault rather than your’s) they do add to the mood of the scene.

Very pretty render! I like the particles around the crystal, and the crystal itself has a nice shape and shading.

Not sure about the halos on some parts of the crystal though.

Neat crystal, and nice look of shinyness. :slight_smile: