Forgotten Skull

Hey guys, Making more skull art because why not.:sweat_smile: anyways, I feel like I am a bit late to the horror sort of theme by like 10 days or so. I should’ve started this stuff near the end of last month :rofl:

and here’s some cool insight!
so first up is the view from my side, after a long time of not using the smoke system in blender I decided to use it here, It is still as I remember it, slow but gets the job done :joy:

Oh! also I have started working on my Lightroom Presets for renders and photos and whatnot more, so that will be out sometime in the future

Check out my other Skull Art, You may be inspired!:

Give it some love on instagram:

anyways, hope you all have an awesome day! :blush:


cool effect, good work!

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Would you share how did you achieve the amazing translucent effect at the nose? SSS or something else?

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SSS is about half way. And the Subsurface Color is being fed the albedo

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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