Form a Poly by click-drag a vertex for Retopology?


I wanted to know if there is a way to form a quad polygon by click-draging a vertex for retopology. Look at this animated gif made by the autor of froretopo 3.5 script for maya.
photo froretopo_quad_vertexextrude.gif


The addon F2 has the closest behavior to what you are after, although you do have to press the F key.

There is a Auto Grab option in the addon preferences, this can be used to have the vert follow the mouse after pressing F.

Currently available in trunk.

Thanks Proxe, i will try the F2 addon for that.

Please can you point me out to where can i download that blender version with the “Auto Grab” option

So, i just found out that is already in the 2.79b version in site.