form of curve.points in

(KingJames) #1

I’m using 2.23 and trying to figure out what the “indexB” and “indexC” means when trying to get info/creating ipo curves:


where icurve is in the form of:


indexA is, I believe the index of the ipo’s like LocX, LocY, etc. and CurOb is a the blender object with the ipo.


(theeth) #2

I’m not sure if that’s 100% true, but here’s what I think they are:

IndexA is the name of the curve (like “LocX”, “RotZ”, etc)

IndexB is the index of the bezier point on the curve

IndexC is the index of the vector (pt is a vector, so IndexC = 0 is X, 1 is Y and 2 is unused for IPOs (i think))


(Ben) #3

-index C is the frame when it’s 0 and the value at that frame when it’s 1

(KingJames) #4

Thanks so much…that did the trick.

How or where could I find this type informatoin in the future besides asking in the forum? Is there documentation that I have not seen? I know how to use the print dir(Blender…), but there is nothing that would tell what the IndexA…IndexC means. How did you find out?

Thanks for the help again!


(eeshlo) #5

Download the old 1.8-appendix, most (if not all) of the information in there still applies to the 2.23 python API: