Fort Necessity WIP

This is an old project that I dusted off. My goal is to have the small area around the fort explorable before the end of July. I have ideas for gameplay (educational/serious) but nothing in a design document. There’s also the possibility of loading this on a virtual world server such as Project Wonderland or OpenSim. This is one of the reasons why I’m trying to keep the poly count low (for the moment). I also intend to go back and create normal and spec maps to help it really shine in the BGE.

Version 25 is the latest and shows how the terrain should look in the area. I used a heightmap with the displace modifier and projected the topography map (contour lines) over the geometry in order to guesstimate the height of the peaks in relation to the fort. It should be close.:smiley:

With this I’ve learned the stencil map procedure for combining textures but I’m having some difficulty adding a second stencil with a third texture – for the creek/stream.

There’s lots more to do. Perhaps some rocks – using particles of course. I also think I should model the stream bed. I also will be adding tree lines/forest on the surrounding hills to match the actual site. Oh, and a skybox! Game engine-anything is not my forte but I’m learning and having a blast. All the same I would like some constructive crits from fellow artists.

Currently Blender reports 6195 faces.


Wow! From those screenshots, the game is coming along very nicely! Great stuff!

You should implement an LOD for the grass, it would really help with fps in the future.

Awesome stuff! Great work.

Now windows users can explore:

Very nice :smiley:

Only thing I can say is that the trees have distortion on top. And maybe you can add some 3d trees (two places with tree textures?) outside the border with the tree texture to make it look more like a forest.

Plus if you hit something you bounce, or go though it :wink:

Thanks. I realize there’s some stretching going on in the trees. I previously fixed the UV location along the top (black lines) but now it’s back because of my file management (I branched off to export a version for Collada).

Better trees are definitely on order, both the two plane variety (distant), and perhaps two properly modeled that you can walk up to. Also there’s a small stream of water that runs through the location. I had a bit of trouble mixing a third texture for the stream with a stencil map. I’ll have to revisit that. Perhaps the stream should be modeled.

Plus if you hit something you bounce, or go though it
I appended and scaled “player” controls from another project. I haven’t learned yet how to fix the bounce. Some geometry doesn’t have collision yet – not a priority item.

I enoyed the walkaround :slight_smile: thx :slight_smile:

Is this going to be an FPS game, or a top shooter (I think that would be cool)?

@Jesus: Educational game is the ultimate goal, so no shooting here.

Frontier Forts: Fort Necessity won second prize! The Collada Contest winners were announced at SIGGRAPH:

My intent was to use the contest deadline in order to help spring this project forward. My next, self-imposed, deadline is for the end of the summer. As most of the art is done the wait is more for Blender 2.5 to mature, Collada support to improve, and for the end-of-summer dev release of Project Wonderland. When these planets align I’ll be able to host an open house at the Fort.