Forum changes, might cause conflicts

(Timothy) #1

Hey everyone,

elYsiun has this month again passed it’s bandwith limit for the 2nd month in a row. It looks like it will be heading to twice the allowed bandwith this month. So I activated gzip compression on the forum in hopes to turn down the bandwith usage.

At the same time gzip increases cpu usage, and thus page generation time. So to shorten this I used phpBB’s native compiling option. This basicly means that phpBB won’t parse the templates (which define how a page looks) on each page load anymore.

Now both of these measures may cause their own problems. So if you experience any new problems please let me know here.

On the brighter side the last of the new servers hardware will arrive tomorrow. So it looks like elYsiun will be running on a new server early next month.

Timothy Kanters

(Rob) #2

I feel that the biggest challange to be faced with Blender is dealing with the increasing popularity. And it just goes to show it really is worth advertising on this site!


(overextrude) #3

This might be related…

I clicked on a Reply button in one of the forums, and the expected login screen appeared - but I couldn’t type anything into either field. The cursor was there blinking, but none of the typed information would appear. I quit and restart Mozilla, which solved the problem.

(metalmesoly) #4


(Dittohead) #5

are you using mozilla? if so it’ll do that sometimes.

(S_W) #6

Well, some pictures don’t show up anymore on my computer and when I change the site I often have to update it because the page loads only an image. :frowning: