Forum shows attached thumbnails when uploading an image

Hi there,

not a big thing, but I noticed a changed behavior of the forum when I upload images for a post. Since a few days, maybe yesterday, the image is shown twice. It is shown as inline image and together with that a second time as attached thumbnail. That wasn’t the case before.

Was it intended? I think it is increasing the payload for the pages and perhaps also the necessary storage on the sever side. And it does not look good in the threads :wink:

Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your support.

To my knowledge, it’s always worked this way.

I have been having the same problem.

I’ve noticed it too.

It might have something to do with the move of everything on BA to a new server.

What happened some time ago was that if you edit the message and you delete the code to display the image in the body of the message, then at that time the image starts to appear as attached at the end of the message , and no way to remove it. You had to go to your user settings and attached files, and completely remove the image.

This behavior where image always appear as attached seems to be new.

ooops, wrong forum


Hey there - thanks for reporting it. Herm, I’ve not adjusted anything directly related to the attachments, but I am going to dive in this afternoon to see if something got switched on/off.

Just chipping in that I’ve noticed this too on my recent posts. Taking up 2x the screen space :slight_smile: I’m sure you’re onto it anyway.

Little update: this is apparently a pretty common issue across all VBulletin-based forums. There is a bit of a solution, however. When you want to attach an image or file to your post, click Go Advanced to use the Advanced Editor. Then use the following steps:

  • Click Manage Attachements near the bottom of the page
  • Click Add Files, and add your images
  • Drag the images you want to show in the post to the Attachments portion (lower row)
  • Click “Insert Inline” when you want to add an image to the post
  • When you are done inserting images inline with the post, remove attachment images from the Attachments section

Using this process will show images in the post, but not show them as attachments, as they have already been added from the Manage Attachments interface. It’s kind of kludgey and there’s not really a nice way to streamline this process in VBulletin… but at least a solution does exist.

Cool ! Thanks Fweeb.

Looks like this is solved now? Today my newly posted images only show up once and not twice as before. Thanks a lot to whoever sorted that out :slight_smile: