forward no matter what axis you are going along

hey guys, it seems most of the links on wiki books arn’t wanting to open on my computer so i will just ask the comunity.
I now have a little guy and you take him threw a maze, he can jump move in four directions, and turn. the problem is when i turn , the button i have set to move my guy forward is no longer forward, my forward button only moves on the y axis. is there a way to make it were W will move my guy forward no mater wich way i rotate him to face?

Edit: I noticed that my side to side worked no mater what so i traced it back to see the diffrences if you uncheck the litle L’s it allows you to do it no matter what axis your on. Sorry for spaming.

there is an “L” button on the motion actuator for everything…

that means local rather than global…

you want to press that, and then it will be local Y