FOTD trailer [UPDATES]

Hey people,
I started making the trailer for our game Fear Of The Dark (
I’m kinda short on time but hopefully I’ll make it till the deadline :wink:

Turnaround (Please tell me what colour of the cap would you prefer):

Story board demo:

Here I can’t see the eye texture

so I turn on Textures. Now I can see the textures and bumpmap but the model
is white. How can I fix it?

Here are the legs from the robot alien

And the sketch :slight_smile:

Body and legs

C&C Welcome :slight_smile:

Oh come on. 100 views and still no comment??

green color such as in 0:00 is best IMO xD

umm… I doubt that the colour at 0:00 is green xD
Do you maybe know how I can fix my material/texture problem?

I don’t quite get your problem, if you could send me a blendfile (replace objects with planes?) I might be able to help you.

U see, the textures get rendered but not the material applied to the plane. When I turn off “Textures” in the shading settings
then the material gets rendered, but not the textures. (I’m using Blender 2.5 Alpha)

.blend -

I’m not getting any problem whatsoever, I applied a transparent map to all your objects and they still render as the material at those transparent areas. If you dunno how to fix your error , just create a new material from the default and don’t change anything in the more advanced settings. Just change the diffuse spec val and col and then apply the texture rightaway. THen you shouldn’t have any problems (if I understood your problem correctly that is)

So when you render my scene you see the texture on the eyes and the skin material on the plane?

you didn’t pack any textures so I just used some random maps I had flying around and yes, I did see both the material in the alpha0 regions and the texture itself. I use blender 2.56a

oh, sorry about that. i guess that’s just a bug in my version… Anyway thanks for the help :slight_smile:

A small update :smiley:
Hope you like it:

Textured and turning :smiley:

sorry about the bad lightning in the video :S

thumbs up looks a little lika vacuum cleaner though… xD I like it anyways!

Thanks! :smiley:
Sorry for so little updates lately.
I made the body for the character but the sculpting resolution is still on 3 (I plan to go till 5).

Hope U like it :wink:

:smiley: Updates, updates, updates!! :smiley: