Found Something

Had this Idea of an Ancient Urn in something like a Tomb, and started right
away, just downloaded Blender 2.5 ,2 nights ago and i already like it more than
the old version. well here is the start of it.

I`m planning to put it on a Pedestal with pillars and hopefully some Paintings
on the walls, ( see how far my patience takes me) i also wanted to scatter some Glow
Sticks around the on the floor to make it look like something like a new Archaeological find.
And i need some particles in the Halo of the Flash light…

so lots of work to do! :D:D:D


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well, it looks like im spamming my own thread :( ;) but hey, since this is a WIP ill have to post my progress eh?

I added a pedestal and pillars ( which were a sculpting exercise today - and i fell in love with the Sculpting tool.:smiley: )
i also lit the place up a bit for presentation and critics just now.
anyways here is the result, i`m gonna go sleep now, yawn Good night.
Critics are welcome.



I likey that is good

here we go again, sculpted a bit on the pedestal, somehow it looks molten though :
added a nice Mosaic to the Pedestal,



and here is the last for Today