Four sided die (Tetrahedron) unwrapping


For study purposes, I decided to model and texture RPG dice and started with the four sided one.
I made some modifications in the platonic tetrahedron so it could be more smooth in the die edges.
I marked the seams and unwrapped it so it could be possible to add the numbers using textures.
However, I’m not very satisfied with the results :

There is a way to better unwrap this model ? If so could someone possibly give me some directions to do a better job here?

Thanks in advance


d4_00.blend (516 KB)

Perhaps you should try conformal unwrapping rather than angle unwrapping.:slight_smile:

My attempt. Hope this works for you.
d4_01.blend (515 KB)

Thanks larmannjan! Could you explain how you did it?

I think you already have seams added to your mesh.
Now select the mesh, do “U”-> unwrap. In the left toolbar you will see operator options. Select “Conformal” instead of “angle based” and youre done.

I managed to do another UV unwrapping and the result was this (which I think is way better than my previous one):

I created a texture with the numbers and the positions look okay, but when I render it, the result is kind of ugly:

I applied the number texture with a normal mapping in the texture settings, but if you look closely there some rectangular
things in the numbers. Is this due to render settings or a bad texture?


d4_01.blend (535 KB)

I guess that’s caused by your pixels. You didn’t pack your texture in the blend file, but I guess increasing the resolution would fix your problem.

btw is it just me, or are your numbers mirrored?

Thanks for the reply jonim8or (and sorry for the late post). I’ll try increase the resolution of the texture. About the numbers, I didn’t understand what you mean by mirrored. (Blend file with image packed is attached)


d4_01.blend (608 KB)

They’re backwards