Fox (paper model)

A planned present for a friend of mine (will need a different texture and some polishing):

The blend model is made from a reference photo, and the textures are mostly copied from about three textures I found on the Web. I’d like to note that Blender’s texture painting tools are great, I’ve just discovered the Stencil mode and it’s saved me a lot of work.

Real-world size is about 20 cm. The paper modeling was quite difficult at times, mainly because the model contains some tricky curved shapes, and also because I used tiny sticking tabs (about 1 mm wide). It took me one whole day since from printing to completion. The model has 328 tris.

This thread is partly an advertisement for my paper model script that I’ll hopefully make to a finished state before the 2.70 release.
EDIT: download the blend file here from pasteall. This is how I exported it, but I packed the islands in Inkscape and scaled them down before printing.
I will also make this pdf public in few days, so stay tuned.


That’s really cool!

Interesting signature eh?

круто, лиса из бумаги намного интереснее, чем просто модель.

Omg this is so cool!!!NICE!:yes:

Super cool present idea, I’ll have to try that sometime!

Very interesting! I’d love to fold the actual print myself and have it placed on my desk for inspiration. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.


That’s really cool. I’d like to try it sometime. I did a render ages ago of a paper toy:

Are you going to make the fox mesh available for download? My son would love to make that.

cool idea!

Wow! It looks great!

I’m into papercrafts myself these days with my 2 kids and I really appreciate your work here!

Do you plan on sharing the instructions?

simple but very great !

i discover your script!!!
you don’t know the present you gave me!!! thank you, with a lot of respect!

what type of render do you use?

Bart Veldhuizen: Thanks for your support once again! Seems you like paper models :slight_smile:

swmo and leminilab: I’ll perhaps not make any step-by-step instructions, the model is too complex. I should create something more suitable for kids later…

Tarrant: Casio EX-Z200. I had to let it render for as long as 0.4s to get rid of all the noise.

all who speak English: I’ve just uploaded the blend file, it’s linked in the first post. The pdf will come later, I’ll better clean it up to a more representative form before publishing. Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Thanks man Ill try it sometime