Fox Rig - free to use

Hey all,

I’ve ben working with blender for 2 years now and i think its time i post my own rig.:yes:

This rig is pretty simple. It has around 100 bones but you’ll see its easy to control.

It has IK driven legs, IK - FK driven arms (and fingers), Track to constraint to control the tail, and Facial controls.

The rest of it is in the text “Read Me” which is in the .blend file.
I suggest you read it so you know what to do with what bones.

I didn’t use any shape keys or action constraints.
And of course my rig:yes:.

Ok thats it !

I hope it helps;).

i cant figer out the dowloading site(how to download it i mean)
could you post some pics?
oh never mind i figured it out…

…nice model:)

yeah we need the pics so that it will visible and so that we can also see your work of art

fort ash: I’ve mirrored the rig file on my web space for other’s convenience:


I hope that’s okay. If you’d like me to take it down just let me know.
Obviously feel free to link to it yourself, too.

Pictures would be nice.

People are very reluctant to download something they can’t see, including myself.

Hello there, 2 years, eh?
well, pretty good rig - its a wee bit hard to use though,:yes:
if I were redoing it (which I’m not going to )
-I’d use IK instead of FK (personal preference) ,
-UV texture instead of vertex paint (it looks better) and also,
-I’d look into fixing his eyballs when he moves his head (they currently fall out of his sockets)

I’d also work on the dumbo ears, but that’s just me :smiley:
thanks for sharing your rig :slight_smile:

Pictures would be nice.

People are very reluctant to download something they can’t see, including myself.

Hobo Joe : picture is attatched - for your eyes to gaze upon :eek:

alright, keep blending ppl!


Hey Guys,

Sorry for not replying for so long, I’ve been on vacation.:eyebrowlift:

I am glad most of you like it. Its the best I made so far.

AMDBCG, more than 2 years… You can deicide between FK or IK on fingers and arms, but the legs are IK, the body is FK only.:yes: I don’t have the problem with the eyeballs falling out, but i do get some weird deformation for an unknown reason…:o
Thanks for posting you pic. Mines are coming in my next post.

Cessen, thanks for doing that. Hope you like the rig.

alilema, pictures are coming shortly.:wink:

blender167, thanks for downloading, I’m glad you like the rig.

Ok, so here are the first 2 pics.

I hope you like them:yes:.


AMDBCG, as i have already told you There is IK for the arms ( read the ReadMe),
and I have fixed the eyes:yes:.
Also fixed one part of the mouth that wouldn’t deform well.:eyebrowlift:

The new .blend file can’t be attached…2 big…:spin:

So once again heres’ the new link:

(The link works fine for me:yes:)

Enjoy the fixed rig.:wink: