FoxCote By Joe

Hello my name is Joe. I am very new to blender, but I am hooked:yes:. Here is one of my first projects called FoxCote. I put bones in him and followed a basic tutorial. My problem:p. Can’t get the eyes to fit into the head like the did when I started. Can some one please help.


FoxCote.blend (674 KB)

Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear about your newfound blender addiction, I suggest you quit now while you still can! :slight_smile: J/K

Well those eyes will need to be remade anyway, best to keep them as perfect spheres, otherwise they can’t roll around in the characters head.

Now about why this happened: you are changing your objects rotations and locations in object mode. When I opened your file I selected everything and hit Alt-A, Alt-R, Alt-G it’s a habit of mine, to check that all transformations are cleared. Now don’t worry, all of this can be fixed. What I have done is appended your guy to a new blend, and applied rotation, remirrored your eye over to the other side. When you start a character, first press shift c and ensure that your cursor is at world 0. Then never ever rotate your character in object mode, and always keep them aligned the way the one is in your current file. Same with the armature and any other parts of the character, keep their origins at world 0,0,0.


fox-cote.blend (729 KB)

3dementia, Thanks for putting me back on track. I worked on the docs for six hours and was pulling my hair out. I will post FoxCote again when I learn more and have him animated. Joe.

Picture jpg of FoxCote

looks cool! glad you found blender! Nice job ;D