FPS Demo (sci-fi themed, looking for artists)

Nice setup you have made there…

here are some tiles, I am not sure if it would be better to bake down, or leave using the atlas and join the meshes?

1 draw call + extra geometry, or many draw calls with less geometry?

I’ll have to run some tests.

Maybe I should make some non - tile type building stuff next? railways and ladders etc?

Do you have a actor rig yet so we can test?

Here’s the zip. Open “main.blend” and run the Standalone Player. Replace “level.blend” with your level. The player spawns at (0,0,1) and it is approximately a 2x2x2 box (2x1 when crouched).
Default keys are WASD or arrows, C to crouch, spacebar to jump, E to activate, you can change that with the configuration file Settings.json.

GameCore0.0.1.zip [156kb]

Nice. Can BGE render like this, as fast as this?

Nice. Can BGE render like this, as fast as this?

yeah, but if we can get GSL PBR shader in, (it looks like it’s totally possible but we need a dev to implement it)

also with the viewport project we should see some optimizations for rendering speed ups, since the GSl shader mode of the viewport uses much of the same code base as the bge render.

Made thismodular scifi corridor while ago for Wrectified, you might find some use for it :slight_smile:

I forgot all about that, it’s a nice job btw!

PGI, do you like the level and the actor start?

Got a chance to work on this some more,

end of 7-15-2015