FPS drops when I add an overlay (health bar) to my camera view? (UPBGE)

Hello, when I run my game it plays at 30fps which is fine, but when I add a health bar overlay this drops down to 20fps for some reason. Is there any way of having an overlay in camera view without a significant performance drop? Thanks

Answered already to your question on Blender Stack Exchange:


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You use standart setup game engine? if you use on vsync and 4x or 16x samples FPS fall to 15-20 frame per second, if off vsync and assign for samples 2x and restrict animation frame to 60 fps this setups get for you stability game. If you add in you game scene standalone scenes fps always fall down but this happen only one round and next frames fps return to stability - maybe in you standalone scene somebody working always? true run sensors or hard logic or script make error - need check objects in standalone scene, and last - you add you standalone scene only one touch? if add scene always console make message warning - but scenes add only one exemplar

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