FPS for realisticness

What would an optimal rate be for FPS to achieve a realistic feel? I know I can slow or speed it up for certain scenes or takes to get a special effect, but what would a good baseline be just to have the animation look more realistic when it comes to motion?

i did not know that realisticness was a word. huh. learn something new every day. jk

Answer: 24.
Why? Because it is 42 backwards.

Cause it’s 42 backwards, huh? If everything was that easy, you know. I will stick with 24 then. Thanks much.

Also, I have read in several tutorials that using “keyframe” animation is a bad practice, yet all I can find on animation is “keyframing”. What is the best method of animation in Blender 2.46 and how does it differ from using keys?

29.97 is North American standard speed

25 is European standard speed

24 is cinematic speed - apparently.

The human eye cannot distinguish a difference once you get up past 60 fps, I’m told.

All these are fairly close to each other, I really have no idea which is the ‘best’

As far as other types of animations to make things look realistic, it depends on what you’re trying to animate. Keyframing is good, for some things. If you want character animation there’s armatures. There’s also paths, good for flying animations and the like.

With computers it doesn’t really matter that much any more since you can specify the fps and then tweak your animation for it. Simply use seconds for keying and not frames and let the computer do the math.
If you need realistic motions you are going to have to see how long stuff takes. If I remember correct animators say a step in a normal stroll takes about .5 second. But your best bet is to take a stopwatch measure the amount of time it takes you to do something and then key on seconds instead on frames.

I tend to go with a framerate of 24fps and then adjust for different output formats accordingly. I find it easier to calculate steps since 24 is easily dividable by 2 and 3.