FPS Game, my first bge project

Hello everyone. I just finished my FPS Game project, it just misses sound.Download for Windows (http://bisentertainment.altervista.org/FPS/FPS-Win.zip), Linux (http://bisentertainment.altervista.org/FPS/FPS-Lin.zip) and MacOS (http://bisentertainment.altervista.org/FPS/FPS-Mac.zip).Have the .blend source file here (http://bisentertainment.altervista.org/FPS/fps.blend)

(http://bisentertainment.altervista.org/FPS/FPS-Mac.zip) actually the right url to download for Mac

I was about to forget, here’s the controls:wasd to move, mouse to look around and aim, click to shot, p for pause and space to jump.

Hey, could you add screenshots, and maybe a video? people are unlikely to download from you without them.

Here you are. Sorry i didn’t thunk about this.https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2e1aSYkSMvGZFVTMFhxTDJDSDA

Downloaded, unzipped, clicked seeming executable. Doesn’t work.

I am using Arch Linux. Downloaded the FPS-Lin.zip. Am I missing something here?