FPS horror game - first level

Here is a video walkthrough of the first level of my fps survival-horror game:) The first game I’ve ever done in Blender. Some feedback will be greatly appreciated:D

Hey, really nice work - the sound effects really add to the gameplay. Keep up the work!

Thank you very much! The level was part of my university project. We only had to create a one or two level game. But I’m planning to continue it in my spare time to expand it to multiple levels with monsters, new traps and secret chambers added.

EDIT: in this vid it’s not really clear what happens at the end. Basically I have the trap that is activated when a player goes for the chest instead of the level exit. A hidden stone wall slides behind you trapping you in a small chamber to die from health loss:)

A few suggestions:
-Make the heart and number smaller - a big HUD screams “I’m a game”. We don’t actually have a hud in front of our eyes in real life, so using big hud elements take us out of the moment.

-Use AO and some baked shadows.

Pretty nice, I like the concept. I don’t like that you can simply shoot the health, too easy. Most of all I like the fact that it’s complete.

Thank you very much for your suggestions! I never actually thought of AO shadow maps! Gonna try it out!:slight_smile: and yeah I thought the HUD could be smaller and the reason I did not make the health tokens pickable is just simple due to lack of time. Have to work on other modules’ assignments alongside this one so I’m really short on time:( But thanks a lot! I will definitely use your suggestions when I come back to this project in my spare time!:slight_smile:

Looks nice.
I suggest you change the FOV of the camera bigger, it’ll be better for the eyes.

Thank you! I’ll look into it. Didn’t really have the time to mess with the camera yet:)