FPS Noob tut site

This is my First Person Shooter Noob tutorial site. Its still under construction but i’ve got a lot done. Its actually pretty useful to non-noobs too. The concept is learning through experience. Tell me what you think.
NOTE: You should have SOME understanding of blender at least (i.e. how to move around, create primitives, scale/translate/rotate objects,etc.)

Wow, talk about useful. I dont know Python just yet, Im mostly still working with HTML, and very simple C/C++, but I can still basically see what your script’s lines do individually. This should help me later on when I start the VERY simple rail shooter I was thinking about.

Keep the tutorial going, im bookmarking it.

Thank you very much, you should really finish it. I already have it bookmarked too.

I bookmarked it too, this is awesome and very helpful

Bookmarked! Also does anyone know any good phthon(SP?) beginers tut sites?

Thanks for the positive response! Please, any suggestions/complaints welcome. Theres a few python tut links on the Blender Basics page

Thanx a lot for this great tutorial, hope you get the rest of the Tutorial Steps up soon…
Keep the great Work up…

Looks cool. I have a problem tho, how do I change friction level??:confused:

When do you think the rest of the site will be up?

ProtonXP: It is under the materials tab, it should have buttons that say: RGB, HSV, and DYN. Go to DYN and their you can set the friction. These buttons are near where you select the color of the object.

how come when I make EXE then in the DOS consloe of the EXE I get a ton of error massages and I can’t turn or look?

I see … thnx! :slight_smile:

good stuff, but i’m longning to try the next tuts on the sights, maybe som bulletholes could be useful. (and you APPLE2 script is yust great)
and by the way, you wrote on your site about a texturing tut, sound great but finish the fps part first.

alienkid10: for the short and simple answer: if you want anything good in blender, you probably aren’t gonna want to make it an executable. Plus, the APPLE2 won’t work in an exe for a few reasons. So i have to say that basically: don’t make it an exe. if thats possible.
I am working on the HUD section. I got a lot of it done

Very useful!
When I parented the camera to the player the camera distorted the backround. A fish bowl type view. How do I fix it?

ok is there anyway to give it people without Blender then?

i don’t know about that but i think i’ll have to usa another script then.
fortunaly i’ve already got one.

I finished the HUD section. It is a bit more complicated than the other sections. Just holler if you have any problems!

yes! i’m off to it right now.
thanks a lot for helping us newbies.

I added a section where you can download some of my files and templates. You will find a vehicle template and a ragdoll template, and a jeep expedition

how do I make my health bar/counter stay in view when zooming and how can I make my dot smaller when zoomed in?