FPS Shooter WIP!

Yes, it’s another shooter game. No shortage of these. :slight_smile:

Well I’ve been working on this for a while, maybe about 5 weeks on and off. It was originally a 3rd person shooter, and I still have a saved copy of that version if any of you guys are interested.

Have fun, and ignore the text panel! :stuck_out_tongue: (I wrote that up waaay back in the development process)


Screenshots please! Most people won’t bother downloading without screenshots.

Screen shots or no download, thanks.

Haha, ok.



the game looks pretty good for 5 weeks of work. A few things i suggest you fix:

  1. Box textures are stretched (UV unwrap them instead of setting the texture to generated. Same goes with the walls of the first screenshot
  2. Smooth out character mesh (arms and hands)
    3.turn down spec on floors and walls (just IMO though)
    that’s all i can see from the screenshots,but ill edit the post with more suggestions after iv played it.

Thanks for your time mate! I do agree, my texturing is not stellar, and I will fix that soon. Oh, and about the floor, I think that I wanted it rather dank and drippy in the level, so I used high spec to make it look wet.

Sorry; I believe I forgot to mention the controls…

WSAD to move, scroll wheel to aim, left mouse button to shoot.

Oh and space to jump.

Ok, i wasnt sure if thats the look you were going for, so in that case the spec looks fine. Also i think you forgot to pack the textures because when the game loaded, nothing had textures ( If you dont know how to do this here is a screenshot)

Something that made the game not very fun to play was that the framerate is extremely low due to how high poly everything is. It looks like all of your models have the default 32 edges and thats really slowing the game down. Another thing that bothered me was how dark it was. There isnt a game out there that i know of that is almost completely black. Its ok to make a game dark but it cant be as dark as you have it. you should have an idea of how lit you want your game level to be. Anyway i think iv given you enough hard time on your WIP, so if you have a question on how to texture of something, add me as a friend and send me a pm whenever you like :slight_smile: Keep up good work and i look forward to seeing more progress.

Hmm, yes I did forget about packing textures, thanks for telling me how.

Taking a step back and looking at it, you are right that the game is very dark. I shall lighten it up :smiley:

It’s… interesting. controls are really wonky, you should use mouselook. There are some fantastic tutorials and resources for fp shooters here:

One other suggestion. The players arms look unfinished, but they need to be shaded smooth. Nice work.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I will upload a new version with a few changes you requested.

Turbomonkey – Thank you, oh thank you for the comment about shading smooth! I had no idea what the set smooth button did, and now my cave and fjord no longer look horrible! Thank you!