FPS starter kit UPBGE (stopped)

(kengi) #1

… topic ended, thank

(Jorge Bernal) #2

Yeah, a template like this would be awesome

(CYNIC78) #3

This is looking cool.

(thomascheng) #4

That is impressive for BGE.

(kengi) #5

Thank you, i think improve some part before publishing and polish template but i’m happy to see it to be interesting to help guys in developpement.

(ThePajlok) #7

Player walikng and running too slow

(kengi) #8

No it’s because on the video the framerate is slow if you see 30fps, but is work at 60 to 120fps normaly, it’s for that^^.

(BluePrintRandom) #10

post your work on blendswap eh?

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #11

This is very good, looks like eye candy. Nice proposal for UPBGE fps template, keep it up…

(kengi) #12

Update May 2018:
Project abort due to not too much guys interested by this template.

Thank you

(Doc Holiday) #13

Hm … what was your expectation? Could I download it somewhere, someday? “Only” with a few screenshots of course you can not hold a lasting interest. There must be something more. I mean this not bad. That’s just how it is.
I understand if you don’t want to work on it farther. It’s frustrating. But well, it’s your decision.

And what now? Throwing the great work in the trash? Upload what You have, and let the Community play arround withit. I’m sure there wil be more interrest.

(mataii) #14

It looked like a very interesting game project / template.

To bad to decide to abort this project just because not much people/artist were interested on it, take into account that , IMHO, there are no much people (compared with other areas of blender) interested in the BGE, and also I can tell that not everyone here likes FPS games, but that does not mean they don’t like your work. Anyway, being said that, maybe is the reason the lack of interest you experienced here.

In my case, I think it would be very nice to have a look at your work because it looks very well done for a one man project, also it may have been a really good starter kit for the UPBGE, but we respect any final decisions here.

Good luck!

(Jorge Bernal) #15

Hi @kengi
Really sad that you abort the FPS starter kit project. :disappointed_relieved:
I was following it to propose you that your work was the official UPBGE FPS starter kit.

Anyway, we respect your decision and we desire you good luck!!!

(kengi) #16

Hi lordioki76,

Thank for the interet about the game, but if i have stop it it’s because any guys will buy that template, and I do not have but for the free, the fact of invests.

Plus i stop 3D domain, i made Blender since more than 15 years ago, and i have find any interet of my work in 3D industry, despite the pile of projects paid or not that I could do.

But if you want an FPS template you can do it, it’s not too hard, but jsut require long time to equalize game and specs, to seam real, like animation.

(Jorge Bernal) #17

Thank you for your explanation. Completely understandable.

We will try to make several simple FPS/3rd person to aid to UPBGE beginners.

Thank you again and good luck with your professional career.

(kengi) #18

Thank you too, yeah maybe made an marketplace like Unreal can made.

(alf0) #19

this looks great actually,